WTC Artifact Journey to Colorado



PRESS RELEASE from the Poudre Fire Authority:  Fort Collins, CO- “Thanks to the Terry Farrell Firefighters Fund (Terry Fund), Poudre Fire Authority has been granted the privilege of owning one of the last pieces of a World Trade Center (WTC) beam to be given to a community.”

WTC artifact journey:  Information from The Poudre Fire Authority Site in Ft. Collins, Colorado:   “The Poudre Fire Authority firefighters’ journeyed from New York to Fort Collins, Colorado to deliver a recovered I-Beam from the World Trade Center.  This five foot long, 3,500 pound piece of steel was part of one of the World Trade Center (WTC) walls.

This piece of steel will reside with dignity at one of PFA’s fire stations to honor the nearly 3,000 lives lost on September 11, 2001, including the 343 FDNY firefighters.  The team included four PFA members: Bryan Hanson, Len Lindholm, Jim Salisbury, and Jim Durkin. These individuals were part of the response to the WTC to help with recovery in the days and weeks after this tragic event.”

Many emergency service agencies escorted the team on their journey including Patriot Guard Riders and American Veterans.



Patriot Guard Riders gathering at the Colorado border



“The Terry Farrell Firefighters Fund, which made this honor for Colorado possible, is made up of firefighters and family members who volunteer their time and energy to help fellow brothers, sisters and departments in need.  The fund operates annually on a budget of 1-3% and sustains itself through fundraising and the donations of individuals, fire departments and corporate sponsors.  Contributions to the fund are tax deductible.”

THANK YOU to the four Poudre Fire Authority firefighters, Bryan Hanson, Len Lindholm, Jim Salisbury, and Jim Durkin in Ft. Collins and the Terry Fund, for bringing this honor to Colorado.   As a former resident of New York, I greatly appreciate your efforts after 9/11, and making this artifact part of our Colorado history.

THANK YOU to all of our courageous fighters who shoulder the burden and responsibility for our safety everyday!

Photographer:  Robert Waples, Patriot Guard Rider




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  1. I like reading your posts – thank you. It has been a rewarding experience to be part of the Colorado PGR and meet amazing people and share in these experiences.

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