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Contact: Bill Hilliard (303)278-9770, outreach.vva1071@comcast.net

Vietnam Veterans of America and Olinger Hampden and Eastlawn Cemeteries

to Inter Unclaimed Remains of 30 Veterans

June 25th at 10:30am at Fort Logan National Cemetery

(Lakewood, CO) – VVA #1071 will conduct a final roll call and interment of the unclaimed, cremated remains of 30 veterans at Fort Logan National Cemetery, 3698 S. Sheridan Blvd, Denver CO (303) 761-0117, at Columbarium No. 1 on Saturday, June 25, 2016 at 10:30am – rain or shine.  The public is invited.  There is limited seating, reserved for those unable to stand for the 30 to 40 minute ceremony.  Close-in parking is limited, but a circulating shuttle will pick up at shelters A, B and C as well as the visitor’s center. (Cemetery Map).

Many of these remains have been temporarily inurned for many decades, without next of kin claiming or providing instructions for their disposition.  Acting in accordance with Colorado law, VVA #1071 has located, researched and applied for interment for this first group of veterans.  The VVA Chapter anticipates providing similar honors for many hundreds more over a period of several years.

All veterans are entitled to burial or committal with military honors. This first group of cremains were recovered from temporary inurnment at Olinger’s Eastlawn Mausoleum.  Veterans being honored include WW II, Korean and Vietnam War periods, having served in the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps.  Ranks range from Private to Lt. Colonel, with several having earned awards for valor.

The commemoration will be supported by VVA #1071 staff members, Ft. Logan Cemetery staff, Olinger Cemeteries and Mortuary, and the Aerospace Data Facility (Buckley) – Colorado Joint Color Guard.  Guest speaker will be Major General H. Michael Edwards, the Colorado Adjutant General.  Urns have been lovingly hand-crafted by Colorado Woodworker’s Guild, Dog Tags have been faithfully recreated by Authentic US Military Dog Tags.

“Never again will one generation of veterans abandon another.”

The ceremony will be relatively short, lasting somewhere around 30 to 40 minutes. We are honored to have Major General H. Michael Edwards, The Adjutant General for Colorado as our guest speaker,and Yeoman Mark Stallins (ret) to perform taps. The Colorado Joint Color Guard will present the colors and the twenty-one gun salute will be provided by the Air Force. Chapter Chaplain John Altfeltis will solemnize the invocation and benediction. The reading of names will incorporate an answer-back from a uniformed service member, attesting to the presence of that individual’s remains.

This commemoration will be conducted in a dignified, yet militarily brisk manner. The time for mourning was had in every instance many, many years ago. These precious souls have been in God’s embrace for a very long time. We seek only to return these earthly remains to the company of their brothers-in-arms in a proper and dignified resting place.

Our brothers being memorialized are: (PH = Purple Heart, BS = Bronze Star)

Beaird, Patrick S. CPL Army Korea 11/19/1929 – 10/15/1985

Blackburn, William G. TSGT Army WW II 7/13/1914 – 1/20/1994

Boucher, Paul Edwin AMM1C Navy WW II 6/12/1912 – 2/24/1991

Bronson, Robert E A2C Air Force Korea 6/10/1932 – 7/22/1993

Capps, Ray W GMG1 Navy WW II + Korea 12/22/1918 – / /

Clapper, Paul Clair PVT Army WW II 1/27/1917 – 9/29/1974

Clark, John C TEC 4 Army WW II 8/25/1905 – 5/18/1981

Conrad, Melvin Earl SN Navy Korea 1/5/1936 – 12/17/2010

Garrett, James Kenyon SGT Army WW II 6/15/1919 – 5/9/1985

Gould, Everett K. SGT Army WW II 5/10/1906 – 1/9/1984

Grenfell, John Thomas SR Navy None 4/24/1944 – 10/30/1995

Guellow, Creighton N. LT Navy WW II 3/13/1909 – 1/12/1992

Kistner, Maurice Adrian PFC Army WW II 4/28/1924 – 12/18/1993 PH + BS

Ljung, Bertil E. CPL Army Korea 5/19/1927 – 3/3/2002

McGinniss, Harry Wilkeson LTJG Navy WW II 2/23/1917 – 11/15/1993

McVicker, Lyman Leroy TEC 5 Army WW II 3/15/1917 – 8/29/1981

Mills, Joseph L. SP4 Army None 1/13/1938 – 10/9/1994

Polley, Curtis Alexander SSGT USMC WW II + Korea 10/5/1924 – 3/17/1983

Praeger, Frederick A 1LT Army WW II 9/16/1915 – 5/28/1994 BS

Sanders, Lawrence SGT Army None 2/22/1952 – 3/16/2000

Schumacher, Kenneth Wayne PFC USMC WW II 11/8/1922 – 1/8/1982

Sinclair, Ervin N. PFC Army WW II + Korea 9/24/1921 – 1/30/1994

Small, Donald Mclean MM3 Navy WW II 8/13/1912 – 2/15/1994

Smith, Raymond Augusta CAPT Army WW II 10/20/1915 – 9/3/1996

Sperry, Robert A. Navy Korea 5/19/1930 – 6/12/1994

Sutherland, Douglas LTC Army WW II 3/25/1911 – 6/28/1985

Syder, Charles T. SGT Army WW II 9/24/1911 – 2/6/1995

Thompson, Earl Edmund SN Navy Vietnam 10/10/1953 – 10/7/2005

Thompson, Earl Wilford LTC Army Vietnam 3/15/1946 – 9/20/2005

Williams, Richard Eugene LT Navy WW II 12/31/1923 – 4/12/1992

*** Please come show respect for those who gave their all to our country.  VVA #1071’s Bill Hilliard and his Team of Angels have worked tirelessly on this important project.  Help spread the news of this upcoming event.  Thank you.




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  1. Finally these Veterans will have a proper resting place and the respect they deserve! Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

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