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Brad Allen, Employment Specialist
Recently, Brad Allen invited me to tour the newly opened Bill Daniels Services Center in Denver, CO.  I was excited to see how Volunteers of America-Denver brought their dream to help our veterans with this idea to fruition.  StarSpangledBoomerang  first reported on this project in February.  It is wonderful to spread the news of it’s completion.

Brad is an important brick in the Bill Daniels Services Center foundation.  His commitment and enthusiasm is inspiring to say the least.  From his Volunteers of America bio:
“Brad Allen currently serves as an employment specialist for Volunteers of America Colorado’s Back Home: Support Services For Veteran Families Program where he provides job readiness training and job development services to low-income veteran families that live in the Denver Metro area.
Brad has 15 years of experience working with the homeless population in his community with a special emphasis on substance abuse treatment, self-sufficiency and vocational services. His email is ballen@voacolorado.org.”
One of the projects he is currently working on is the upcoming Community Job Fair on Tuesday, October 27th to be held at the center.  The address is 1247 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO.  The veterans only time slot is 9am-9:30am.  9:30am-12:00pm is slated for the general public.  Please share this information to ensure this job fair’s success. This service center has the tools and resources to truly help our community.  It is also a safe environment for our veteran and homeless population.
Also on my tour, I was fortunate to meet many of the other caring folks who can be found under this service center’s umbrella.  As we have all experienced before, navigating which direction to turn in when assistance is needed can be overwhelming.   Finding many of these different agencies grouped together is priceless.  Each organization is manned with knowledgeable people who truly want to uplift our community.  Other Veteran Services Center Partners include:
  • VOA Back Home: Support Services for Veteran Families
  • VOA Women Veterans Program
  • DU Veterans Advocacy Project
  • Denver County Veteran Services
  • Mile High United Way 2-1-1
  • Patriot Anglers
  • VA Healthcare for Homeless Veterans
  • Colorado Department of Military and Veteran Affairs
It was encouraging to visit this facility, and I now understand why Mr. Allen stated, “Volunteers of America is a leader when it comes to serving veterans!”
I  would like to thank Brad, his team, and the rest of these caring individuals for all they do to serve our community on a day to day basis.  I will definitely return to the Bill Daniel’s Services Center,  and provide additional information on the other agencies listed.  VOA-Denver website:www.voa.org/veterans





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