TEXAS: Supporting our Troops, Jennifer Hernandez

Flag of Texas              State seal of Texas

TEXAS:  The Lone Star State

 MOTTO:  Friendship

Some questions repeatedly asked regarding  involvement with Adopt A US Soldier is; “What do you say to a service member that you never met, and why would they want to hear from me?”  The answers are simple.  Being a life line from home is a reminder that we care.  The message, regardless of the topics included in the letter, shows concern for their welfare, and acknowledges that someone is thinking of them which can boost their morale.

Greetings from Texas!  Jennifer Hernandez is 20+ years old and has been involved with AAUSS for five years.  In that time, she has adopted six soldiers.  She lives in Grand Prairie which is close to Dallas.  Her current adoptee is from Ohio.

Her motivation to be involved started when friends of hers left home after enlisting.  Jennifer stayed in touch by corresponding and realized the importance of that connection by the feedback she was receiving.  At that time, she decided to reach out to other soldiers who may not have someone from home to communicate with.  She searched for an organization that was reliable and trustworthy.  She decided AAUSS was a good fit. 

When asked about the conversations shared with her service members, Ms. Hernandez said they talk about how they are trying to make friends with the locals, including buying gifts for the children during the holiday season.  Obviously, they can not reveal any sensitive information.  “If you get a soldier who writes back, you end up caring for that person as if they were your personal friend because you share about each others lives and always keep them in mind, praying for them to be safe, especially when they request prayers for themselves and their unit. AAUSS has been a great organization to connect with active soldiers, showing that people do care for them and are grateful for all that they do for our country and our freedom.  Writing may be a small gesture, but it can go a long way to bring their spirits up, and to give them support.”

Jennifer stressed that even if an adopted soldier does not write back, it is important for the correspondence to continue on our part, especially if they have requested prayers.  This is a good reminder that we are making a connection for the service member’s benefit, not to acquire a pen pal.  Internet access is not always available, and although they may have some down time, Freedom is a full time job.

Thank you, Jennifer for your five year commitment to our Troops, and living the Texas motto of “friendship” by reaching out.  You are an inspiration.

And thank you to our Service Members for your time and the sacrifices you make.

***** If you are seeking some way to make a difference in someone’s life, have access to email, pen and paper, you are good to go.  Advice from Mark Twain when writing, “Write what you know.”  Weather, sports, and clean jokes can be an ice breaker.  For them, having correspondence after returning from a mission, is a chat with a friend that can lift their spirits.  Your support makes a difference.  For more information, AAUSS’s link is listed below:


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