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Microsoft joins Team Red, White and Blue to kick off annual cross-country flag relay in support of our nation’s veteran heroes.

REDMOND, Wash.- June 29, 2015.  TeamRWB, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supporting U.S. veterans, today announced that it will be conducting the second annual old glory relay presented by Microsoft Corp.  Microsoft is committed to leading and challenging the technology industry to inspire and develop veterans for robust job opportunities.

Registration is now open for the relay, which will celebrate Old Glory at every stop, and raise awareness and critical funds for the organization and the veterans it supports.  Along the route, Team RWB will bring together local communities, Veteran Services Providers, corporate partners, student veterans groups, and local team RWB Eagles to connect and strengthen the networks that work with veterans to inspire empathy, create action and have impact toward closing the civilian-military divide.

Supported by local communities along the course and by virtual supporters from across the nation, 59 teams will move Old Glory throughout the 3,400 mile course.

The relay will be held over approximately 60 days, commencing in San Francisco on Sept. 11 at sunrise, and concluding in Washington, D.C., on Nov. 8 at sunset. Each day will begin with the American flag being unfurled and entrusted to the day’s first runner and will end with the last runner folding the flag and storing it for safekeeping overnight. During the relay, the flag will be passed from runner to runner along a pre-determined route, with no less than 50 miles traveled each day. Teams of runners will carry the flag for a day, as well as choose how many runners to use and how far each runner will run.

A celebration will be held every day of the relay, to allow towns along the route to participate in meaningful way.  The route cuts directly through the heartland of the country.  Route decisions are made based on safety, appropriateness for running, landmarks, and interest in key cities and areas.  “We believe the Old Glory embodies all of the characteristics we embrace from teamwork and camaraderie to perseverance  and sacrifice,” said Blayne Smith, executive director of Team Red, White and Blue.


Old Glory Relay Course Map



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