Team Red, White and Blue Update

Old Glory Coast to Coast Relay is Coming to Colorado!

Team RWB Denver and Team RWB Colorado Springs have reserved October 6, 7, 9 & 10th for our chapters to run Old Glory Relay. Each day is limited to 15 team members – “supporters” and those who want to run with are more than welcome as always.

If you participated in Old Glory last year, than you are aware of how epic of an adventure this is. If you have not participated in Old Glory yet, then this is a great opportunity to run with the flag and become a part of something larger than yourself as the flag moves across the country, one runner at a time. The sense of pride and patriotism you feel as you participate can not be put into words.

Eagle Ride Day: Saturday Oct. 17th!

Bring you bikes and lets go on a ride with Performance Bicycles. Meet at 8:15 for coffee and bagels and be in the parking lot ready to ride by 8:55. We roll out at 9:00AM. The ride is on the Cherry Creek Bike Path and is “NO DROP”. The  average speed is 14 – 16 mph and the ride typically last about 90 minutes.

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