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Pets For Vets: New Dog Placement

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On May 23, 2015, volunteer JC Snider from Pets For Vets-Colorado, rescued another dog from being euthanized.   He is a purebred blue heeler.    She named him Tag, since she tagged him for adoption before his scheduled final day.  His previous owner had surrendered him.


He must have realized he was one lucky dog.  JC reported he loved to snuggle and entertain her from day one. Continue reading Pets For Vets: New Dog Placement

RMHF & Mary Haddon


Stephen R. Brown Photo

Mary, son Mike, and Tom Olsen (Stephen Brown Photography)

In 1941, over eighty percent of Americans owned a radio and were listening to the sounds of Glen Miller, the Andrew Sisters, Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra.  A gallon of gasoline cost twelve cents, and for ten cents you could own Rita Hayworth on the cover of Life Magazine.

On December 7th of that same year, President Franklin D. Roosevelt called Americans to war after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, killing more than 2400 servicemen.  America answered that call. Continue reading RMHF & Mary Haddon