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Project 22 Colorado Showing

Project 22 Colorado Showing

Tugg - Project 22 in Huntsville, AL on Tuesday, December 15, 7:30PM

Project 22

Promoted by Star Spangled Boomerang

Monday, February 22 6:30PM – 8:17PM

at Century 16 Bel Mar and XD
440 S Teller St., Lakewood, CO, US, 80226 (map)
$9.00 General.  Purchase tickets: https://tugg.com/events/85850

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Project 22 Documentary on Suicide

Project 22 Documentary on Suicide:  The Holiday Season is in full swing across America.  It can be the best of times.  It can be the worst of times. The worst of times can develop into thoughts of taking one’s own life.

Suicide.  It is an important issue that deserves recognition, especially in the mist of holiday music claiming,  “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.”  Many face the thought of self destruction.  Being part of the U.S. Armed Forces, both past and present, can add to the depression, especially this time of year.  Suicide deaths in our military community, outnumber combat deaths.   Some sources claim twenty-two military service members take their own lives per day, while other research insists the number is higher when homeless Veteran’s suicide is included.  Regardless of the actual number, it is heart breaking.

While searching for information on Suicide Apps for mobile phones for our Veterans and Service Members, I discovered this important article that Rebecca Croomes wrote for, The News Courier, regarding, Project 22 documentary on suicide.   If this documentary is successfully presented in Huntsville, Alabama, and other states, our support can bring it nationwide.  It is one way to stand up for, and demonstrate concern for our military community.  I am re-posting this article for this reason. Continue reading Project 22 Documentary on Suicide

Never Again-Now is the Time to Take Action and Raise Awareness


Marine Corporal, Terry L. Bevins

Angela Olthoff, volunteer for American Foundation for Suicide Prevention,  (AFSP.org) in her own words…

I will never forget that day, a day that was suppose to be like any other Saturday while attending my grad school class.  Nate was still away on a trip and it was just Rudy, my 7 lb. Shih Tzu and I lying in bed.  The alarm began to buzz and I hit the snooze button as many times as I could before I knew I would be late for class.  I finally hit the alarm  one more time, and told the Little Man it was time for me to get up.  Rudy looked so cozy which sent an urge of regret throughout my body.  I too wished I could stay in bed and sleep the morning away! Continue reading Never Again-Now is the Time to Take Action and Raise Awareness