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Robert Waples answers the call

Robert Waples answers the call

Robert Waples and Troy Bystrom

Today is Veteran’s Day, 2017.  We applaud and salute our Veterans who have worn the uniform, both past and present. We respect you, and have immense gratitude for your service, and our freedom.  

Instead of just saying, “thank you for your service,” thousands of private citizens who have not worn the uniform, express their appreciation in their own ways throughout the year.  Robert Waples is one of those Americans. Not only is he involved in volunteering with several veteran events and organizations, he is easy to spot in the crowd because he usually has his grandson, Troy Bystrom, with him.  Robert includes Troy so his grandson will also have the opportunity to show respect to our veterans.  Recently, we were able to catch up with Robert.    Continue reading Robert Waples answers the call

Lt. Thomas Norris & PGR

Lt. Thomas Norris

DSC_0052Recently, Lt. Thomas Norris, Medal of Honor recipient passed through Denver International Airport with his family.  He was honored with well wishers including civilians, the military community, and the Patriot Guard Riders.  The following information is from the Patriot Guard Riders website.

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WTC Artifact Journey to Colorado



PRESS RELEASE from the Poudre Fire Authority:  Fort Collins, CO- “Thanks to the Terry Farrell Firefighters Fund (Terry Fund), Poudre Fire Authority has been granted the privilege of owning one of the last pieces of a World Trade Center (WTC) beam to be given to a community.” Continue reading WTC Artifact Journey to Colorado