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Home for the Holidays

19997~2My wish and prayer for this time of year, is to bring our service members home for the holidays.  Although I do not have that power, I can express what is in the hearts of so many.  We appreciate you and your families sacrifice by remaining at your post, for our safety.

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Support for our Troops from Europe, Caroline Hartõkainen


“Tere!” –  Hello in Estonian.  Caroline Hartõkainen supports our Troops.


Although I would have preferred to sit across a table from Caroline, sharing a pot of tea while getting acquainted, she is miles away from America.  Caroline resides in Estonia, Europe.   Despite the fact that Estonia may not be a European country that first comes to mind, it is the homeland of Skype and Hotmail.  Fifty percent of their country is covered in forest, and recently National Geographic acknowledged them with a beautiful picture of an Estonian pony named Rainbow in their February issue.  It is nice to know that our service members far from home, are being cheered with correspondence from 59 degrees 26’N latitude, and 24 degrees 45’E longitude in Northern Europe.

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