Support for our Troops from Canada, Jamiie-Lynne Watson

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Jamiie-Lynne Watson

Jamïie-Lynne Watson is a 22 year old student,  originally from Sarnia, ON Canada and now living in Ottawa, ON studying Sociology and American Sign Language.   Starting in September she will be participating as a post-grad in Autism and Behavioural Science.  She has never lived in the US, born and raised in Canada; Ontario to be more specific.

From one supporter of Adopt A US Soldier to another Jamiie-Lynne, I want to express my thanks to you for being involved with this global organization in spite of your busy schedule.  Hopefully your support, a student from Canada no less, will be an impetus for others.

HOW LONG AGO AND WHY DID YOU GET INVOLVED WITH ADOPT A US SOLDIER.ORG?     I signed up for AAUSS in August 2014. I chose to get involved with this program after doing some internet research.  I always try my best to donate to at least two charities a year, usually being Children’s Wish Foundation and the Canadian Cancer Society. Although these charities are near and dear to my heart, I was concerned with where my charitable donations were going within the corporation; skeptical of how the donations were distributed within the charity. After doing some research online, I stumbled upon AAUSS.  It stood out to me because, unlike previous donations where I was unsure of where my money was going to, I knew that with AAUSS my contributions were going directly to the individual who needed them.  I’m hoping to find a Canadian version of AAUSS to which I can enroll in and show my support for the Canadian soldiers too!  So if anyone knows, please point me in the right direction!


I UNDERSTAND YOU ARE ON YOUR SECOND SOLDIER.  WHAT U.S. STATES ARE THEY FROM?      Yes, I have just been assigned my second soldier a few days ago. One lives in Hawaii now, and the other hails from California, currently serving overseas. Both are great to chat with and I am looking forward to getting to know Soldier 2 as well as I know my first.  We have had one conversation to-date, and Soldier 2 seems very sweet.

DID YOU BECOME INVOLVED DUE TO A MILITARY CONNECTION WITH YOUR FAMILY?     I actually have no military connections in my family!  I do, however, have a friend who has enlisted and he is doing well. With that being said, I still have the utmost respect for those, both Canadian and American, who serve for our respective countries.  I cannot fathom the bravery and courage these men and women have.  And for that, I thank them.

WHAT ITEMS DO YOU SEND IN YOUR CARE PACKAGES FROM CANADA?     My first solider didn’t actually request a care package, so Solider 2 is going to be my guinea pig! Included are hygiene products: soap, shampoo, toothpaste, tooth brushes, q-tips and other miscellaneous products. I’ve also included some treats: chocolates, tic-taks, Smarties and the Canadian favourite: Ketchup Chips.  Anything that is within my budget and is asked for I’ll buy for them.  Soldier 2 specifically asked for socks, so I sent them 10 pairs of socks; hopefully that’s enough!

WHAT HAS BEING INVOLVED WITH THIS PROGRAM MEANT TO YOU?     This program means quite a bit to me.  I like the idea of sending my support and appreciation to those who need it and contribute so much to their country gives me a sense of fulfillment beyond any other I have felt.  Also, it is an opportunity to get to know someone and chat; I’m a social butterfly and am always willing to talk and listen. I have bonded well with Solider 1, and I hope that Soldier 2 and I can also share a unique bond. I recommend AAUSS to those who perhaps want to become a part of a public service, but perhaps lack the finances to do so.  Remember, I am a full-time student working two jobs so I don’t have that much money to give.  With AAUSS, however, you aren’t pressured into spending a lot of money, as most soldiers are content with e-mail and mail correspondence. Further, with new initiatives like Go Fund Me, if you wanted to get involved financially, yet were lacking the resources, you could always open a campaign for your soldier and raise both money and awareness for them! To me, it is the perfect way to show my gratitude while also not feeling burdened. Even though I am your neighbour in Canada, I can recognize what these men and women do for their country and I am more than happy to give back in any way I can.

Canada’s common border with the United States forms the world’s longest land border.  From the standpoint of peace and friendship,  goodwill between our countries, in my opinion, can help penetrate the clouds of confusion and unrest that headlines around our world.

With this awareness, I would like to part with a quote from Maya Angelou (1928-2014).  “Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.”   Thank you, Jamiie-Lynne, for being that rainbow!


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  1. Thank you, for the lovely article! It was fantastic to chat with you about such a great cause. Have a great day and thank you again!!

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