Rocky Mountain Honor Flight: Welcome Home!


Lots of excitement at DIA on Saturday night as the twenty two WWII and seven Korean war veterans returned home from their trip to Washington DC. The fanfare included service members from all branches, families, boy scouts, bagpipers, and even dogs.  The smiles and enthusiasm was contagious as the crowd waited for our heroes.


Hayden Barrett, Lawson Barrett, Collin Berg


Do not have her name, but what a cutie pie


Tony Bystrom


Finally the moment we were all waiting for, our presence reminding our heroes we will never forget what they did for our country.


Clinton Cator & Gilbert Montoya


Jean Mays


Martin Van Dyke


Martha Baker


Ben Duke


Bill Keebler
If you missed the excitement, no worries.  You can be part of an upcoming welcoming home for RMHF’s next October trip, Saturday, October 24, 2015 back at Denver International Airport in the main terminal at 7:30pm.  It is a wonderful community experience and a fun way to meet new friends.  I sure did!
For those of you who have not heard of this worthy organization and would like to be part of something wonderful, find out more on their website:
Please join me at the next celebration, and bring your tissues.  It is a heartwarming experience and you will be happy to be part of it all.  It also reconfirms to all the volunteers who work tirelessly to make these trips happen how important these honor flights are.  Mary Haddon and Cliff Fejar, to name just a few, would love to have your support.


Photos by Bob “Grandpa” Waples, who is a proud member of the Colorado Patriot Guard Riders.  Once again, a big shout out to all of our veterans, service members, and their families:  THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE.



2 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Honor Flight: Welcome Home!”

  1. These “Honor Flight” trips sound so cool. It must be an outstanding and emotional experience for the Veterans and their families that are chosen. How wonderful for them to be part of this exciting opportunity. Hats off to you Michelle for making this positive news available for people like me. I did not know that these trips existed for our Veterans. Our Vets deserve the best in life after all they’ve done in the past, and continue to do for us everyday. Thank you again for this site.

  2. So happy to read about a positive event and an organization to honor our veterans. I am so moved to see the community come together and welcome our heroes home from a visit to “their” monument. I can only imagine how proud these men and women must feel to be selected for this very special trip. Thank you for covering these homecomings and educating us about these wonderful nonprofits such as the Rocky Mountain Honor Flight.

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