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Do you appreciate old-fashioned notions including honor and character?  Our WWII American veterans may not have realized their values and love of country would help shape the lives of future generations.  However, their contributions were crucial in overcoming injustice and tyranny.  Their efforts established our freedom and democracy.

Fortunately, some of these veterans who have been called, “the greatest generation ever,” are still with us.  Rocky Mountain Honor Flight continues to raise the finances to send these cherished Americans to Washington DC, to view the National WWII Memorial at no expense to the veterans.

Today a lunch was held for those who are taking off for Washington DC on May 19, 2016 from Denver International Airport.  Cliff Fejfar, (a Vietnam veteran volunteer) is the Vice President of Rocky Mountain Honor Flight.  He said,  “All veterans for this May trip were present and accounted for.  I could see a lot of enthusiasm among the veterans and I’m sure most of them already packed and are ready to go.  Looking over their medical needs, I don’t believe there is anything we can’t handle and I’m looking forward to a good, safe trip.”

One of the veterans traveling this May is Evelyn Bradbury.  She was an Army nurse from Wichita, KS.  Mrs. Bradbury did not consider herself to be a veteran until her family found documents on showing her official veteran status.  Three weeks ago she was added to RMHF’s list.  She is looking forward to seeing the WWII Memorial.

Isaac Karl Post is a WWII Army infantry veteran,  who joined the service when he was 17.  He spent 3 years in the Army and said although he was not in the first wave of soldiers at Omaha Beach, he was close behind.  Mr. Post is originally from Kansas.  He is also interested in touring the war memorials.

You can be part of the return celebration for these veterans.  Arrive in the main terminal on Saturday, May 21, 2016 at 7:00pm and be prepared for an emotional welcome home at DIA!

Vince Beeson, is a WWII and Korean Marine veteran who experienced this trip in May of 2013.  Vince said, “Seeing our memorials was not only educational but rewarding as well.  The camaraderie and memories shared made this the best trip ever. The appreciation expressed to us was almost overwhelming.”

Rocky Mountain Honor Flight (RMHF) is currently organizing a second trip in 2016.    Donations are always needed and appreciated.  All proceeds donated to RMHF is spent on Veterans.

To learn more about this organization, view the following You Tube video.   This 51 minute film is a production of Arvada Media Services, City of Arvada, CO in conjunction with Rocky Mountain Honor Flight.   It is footage from Rocky Mountain Honor Flight’s trip to Washington D.C. in October 2015.


Evelyn Bradbury

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Isaac Karl Post



2 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Honor Flight Takes Off”

  1. I would like to add one comment. These past six years of being involved with Rocky Mountain Honor Flight have been the most rewarding years that I can recall. Being a Vietnam Veteran myself I can’t help but remember what it was like when I came home. Showing these Veterans how much we care about them to me is the best way of saying Thank You.

  2. Love this YouTube video! Thank you Arvada Media Services for making this fabulous documentary of RMHF. Thank you to Mary Dennis Haddon, Cliff Fejfar and all the Angels in this dynamic organization who work tirelessly to honor and cherish our veterans!!! God bless all of you.

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