Pray For Our Service Members

Pray For Our Service Members

Love this image - Remember the service members in your bed time prayers tonight - Army, Prayer, Heroes, Air Force, Military Life, Troops

All across America, family and friends are gathering together for Thanksgiving, with cinnamon, pumpkin, and turkey, we feast.  A holiday that is beautiful, bountiful and rich in flavors that can transport us to decades of memories.   It is a special day of gratitude and we give thanks for our good.

Yes, I am grateful on this holiday.  I appreciate my loving family, friends and freedom that I experience daily.  And although challenging events are unfolding throughout the globe as I sit here at my laptop, I pray for a peaceful world for all mankind.  I pray for our service members safety and the family members who are missing them.

I also have gratitude for those of you who read and have interest in this site.  Thank you for participating in our efforts to acknowledge and give thanks for the men and woman who strap on the boots, and venture into the horizon that others are fleeing.

Our Armed Forces appreciate your prayers.

I don't believe the American military is faultless or that it never hurt someone who didn't deserve it. That said, I salute every soldier, American or otherwise, who ever risked his life to protect those who could not protect themselves.: Angel, Bad Ass, Heroes, Stuff, Special Forces, Awesome, Halo, Military







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