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This week I met with, Jennifer Snider (JC), the Colorado Chapter Director/Trainer for Pets for Vets.  This gorgeous 6’2″ dynamic lady is very passionate about her organization and helping Veterans with physical and emotional injuries including PTSD.  (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

When sharing her life story, including a Veteran father who returned from Vietnam with PTSD and her own experience as an inner city paramedic and firefighter being shot and stabbed, led to her own challenges with PTSD, you understand what shaped such dedication and energy.  After JC adopted her pug, “Tickles,” she recognized the healing benefits her canine provided her and hoped to pass this along.   She wanted to embrace and comfort other military members and families living with the problems of their returning armed force members.   Although Ms. Snider was successful in the corporate world, she recognized she would be happier living a life of service  while creating in her own words, a “positive footprint.”  In her case, maybe a better description would be pawprint!

JC found her calling with Pets for Vets.  Pets for Vets philosophy creates a win-win situation.  It generates second chances for both master and pet. The quality of life of a returning soldier experiencing set backs is enhanced by  a companion animal that has been rescued from a shelter, rehabilitated and trained for a specific veteran at no cost to the vet.  This loving, loyal, tail wagging friend can be just what the doctor ordered!

Donations and volunteers are needed to provide this opportunity for our Veterans.  Helpful gift items include dog food and treats, beds, crates, and toys.  Gas cards are welcomed for adoption and training travel needs.  Also, if you want to volunteer your time with the convenience of being in your own location and have a computer with internet access, your help would be appreciated with clerical duties including paperwork.

I want to applaud this dynamic individual, Jennifer Snider, for bringing her love for her Vietnam Veteran Dad, Lieutenant James William Snider of the 1st Battalion, 9th Marines, The Walking Dead Unit, and the struggles of our veterans to the forefront through Pets For Vets.  You can find out more about this worthwhile organization by visiting

Screenshot_2014-11-16-10-33-35-1 JC



Marine Lieutenant James William Snider

Photos added January 2, 2015


JC just saved this dog from being euthanized.  She named him Chance since he and his new Veteran owner will receive a second chance at life, together.


Thank you for sharing these photos JC.  This is heart warming news, and he looks like he is going to make someone very happy!

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  1. Just added photos to November’s post, Pets for Vets, with JC’s latest companion dog. He’s a keeper!

  2. Thank you for taking the time to reach out and chat with me about our program! Also, thank you to those with the kind comments!! 🙂

    I can always use volunteers! We have a Memorial Run coming up with a wonderful person who is doing this in honor of their brother and the proceeds will be donated to Pets for Vets Colorado, and we as also have a Motorcycle ride in May, hosted in honor of Armed Forces Day on Saturday, May 16th that will be raising money for our charity as well. Pets for Vets Colorado will be helping with both events, so we need volunteers to help man the registration tent and more!! I am also needing volunteers that are willing to contact corporate companies for sponsorships, as well as some help networking, marketing and more!! WE WOULD LOVE TO INCREASE OUR VOLUNTEER BASE 🙂

    Thank you to all that have taken the time to read about our mission and share it with others 🙂

  3. Wow… After reading this I can’t help, but say how amazing this woman and this organization is. It is so wonderful to see an organization driven with so much positivity and passion. In a line of work like this, it is so hard to keep your head up, but somehow she does it! This organization needs to be heard and get the help and support it needs. This is a great cause! Good work JC!

    1. I had the pleasure of meeting JC while I was in Denver helping with the flood clean up for disastrous Boulder CO flood a few years ago. She was a volunteer and organizer who took off work to spend days shoveling many feet of mud from people’s basements and bring smiles and laughter to everyone. She is an awesome person, very witty and fun! Oh, and a note to Denver guys , listen up, I hear she’s single !

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