I am thankful for Operation Homefront

OPERATION HOMEFRONT:  On the eve of Thanksgiving 2017, I realize there is so much to be grateful for!  I am thankful for the opportunity to gather together to share a meal with family and friends.  At this celebration, we have the religious freedom to bow our heads (or not) and give thanks with any faith we choose to participate in. 

I am thankful for and have a deep appreciation for those who have made the choice to serve our country, both past and present, and their families.   Making a commitment to wear the uniform does not usually include a leave for the holiday, or a large budget for the family’s holiday that they are separated from.  Undergoing physical risks are also endured as part of their decision to serve.  I am thankful for the sacrifices and successes made by our service members, both past and present.

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I am thankful for organizations who offer help and assistance to our military families like Operation Homefront.  Operation Homefront provides a way for civilians and their communities to show appreciation for service members, wounded warriors, and their families who have sacrificed so much.   operationhomefront.org/

This Thanksgiving and throughout the holiday season, consider getting involved by volunteering or donating to military families with Operation Homefront.  Their mission is an important one.

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“Operation Homefront assists military families during difficult financial times by providing food assistance, auto and home repair, vision care, travel and transportation, moving assistance, essential home items, and rent-free transitional housing for wounded veterans and their families.”

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“The Holiday Meals for Military program was born from a chance encounter in a supermarket in Utica, New York near Fort Drum. A soldier, his wife, and infant were in line with a handful of grocery items for their Thanksgiving meal.  At the register, the family realized they were short money and began to remove items from their cart. A Beam Global executive was in line behind them, and he paid the $12 total for their groceries. In talking to the family, the executive learned the soldier had just returned from deployment and was having trouble providing for his family due to some unexpected expenses.

From that chance meeting, Holiday Meals for Military was born. A pilot program was launched to distribute 500 holiday meal kits to military families.

If you have any questions about the campaign or other ways you want to support military families and veterans, please  email us.  Thank you!”    info@operationhomefront.org.

Thank you to Operation Homefront for all they do to help our service members, wounded warriors and their families.  And thank you to those who choose to get involved.  Your support makes a difference in the continued success of Operation Homefront.


AND AS ALWAYS, THANK YOU TO OUR VETERANS, SERVICE MEMBERS AND THEIR FAMILIES.  “Sleep well, America.  Our Soldier/Sailor/Marine/Airmen/Coastie has your back.”






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