Honoring Veterans in Absecon, N.J., Sharon Essl

Teacher, volunteer, and community leader, Sharon Essl, created a project called, “Power of Pride,” which honors our military.  Ms. Essl’s mission is two-fold:  acknowledging past and present service members and bringing awareness to her student’s at Egg Harbor Township High School in New Jersey.

In Sharon’s caring way, she is educating her pupils in leadership, and courage.  Included in this project is scheduling a breakfast every year for veterans who are involved in her school.  This event provides an opportunity  for a younger generation to interact with American Veterans who have been responsible for providing freedom, a freedom which helped shape the landscape in all of our everyday lives.

Not one to stand on the sidelines, Sharon’s quick laugh and casual attitude makes getting involved fun and easy for her pupils.  Also included in her, “Power of Pride,” project involves our military far from home.   Her student’s enjoy assembling care packages for our troops over seas with candy and snacks.  Twenty+ parcels were mailed this season.

We are lucky to have someone providing our veterans warmth, like a much needed blanket on a winter night.  Thank you, Sharon, students, and all who are involved at Egg Harbor Township High School!



And to our Veterans, we thank all of you and your families for your service!

EDITER’S NOTEFor those of us who do not live on the east coast, remember Hurricane Sandy?  The October 2012 Atlantic hurricane Sandy caused economic losses in the billions in New Jersey!  Sharon and her husband Bob’s family business, Essl’s Dugout Restaurant, was no exception.  However,  the Essl family have been an anchor in the community, (Bob’s a Navy Man!), since I have known them in the early 90’s.  Essl’s Dugout Restaurant, 7001 Black Horse Pike, West Atlantic City, E.H.T., donates the food for the veterans breakfast.  Since this is a family business, I would also like to acknowledge Mom Harriet, Bob Jr., and Jennifer Essl. Thank you, for stepping up to the plate at Essl’s Dugout!   XXO!  MA

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  1. Thank you for the kind words. There are so many things that can be done to help our Veterans; reach out to your local AmVets 911 or V.F.W. and see what they are doing in your community. Todays Vets want to be involved in community events that make a difference in people’s lives. It’s easy to send packages off overseas ; it is more difficult to look a veteran in the eye and ask how can I help you today. My experience with AmVets911 gives you ideas on the needs of todays soldiers as they return home. Good Luck !

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