Home for the Holidays

19997~2My wish and prayer for this time of year, is to bring our service members home for the holidays.  Although I do not have that power, I can express what is in the hearts of so many.  We appreciate you and your families sacrifice by remaining at your post, for our safety.

In our mosaic American culture, the month of December holds many special traditions of our faith and in our families.  The common factor is sharing the season with those we care about.

You may celebrate this time of year by decorating a tree inside or outside your home.  Perhaps gifts are carefully wrapped and placed under your Christmas tree for loved ones.  On the menu; ham and breakfast bread pudding.  Regardless of your situation, hopefully you will rejoice with those who you hold dear.

FB_IMG_1450056942106Our Jewish families celebrate Hanukkah by lighting the candles on their Menorah. Included on the menu; latkes with apple sauce.  They may or may not exchange gifts, but they will also enjoy the season by gathering together.  December twenty-six starts the African-American Kwanzaa, “first fruits of the harvest,” holiday celebration.  Menu includes; sweet potato pie and collard greens. Yes, our faith and customs brings millions of Americans together this time of year.

kwanzaaBut excluded from these gatherings are our service members.  Our moms, dads, sons and daughters who will not be home for the holidays.

Although I do not have family wearing the uniform, I do have a soldier that I adopted through Adopt A US Soldier (AAUSS).  He is my second adopted service member.  For his safety, I will not include much about him.  We share a love for baseball.  The Cardinals are our favorite.  We communicate by US mail and email.  I sent him a bobble head of Yadier Molina.  I have no idea if his family knows about me, and for privacy reasons, I am not able to contact them directly.  I can, however, acknowledge my gratitude to them and other military families and their loved ones through Star Spangled Boomerang.  It is one of the reasons this website exists.

I would like to tell his wife and children I pray for his safety.  I think of him everyday and understand he volunteered for this mission, and I am grateful for his courage.  I hope he knows prayers are being said in his honor.  I want his, and every military family to read this blog post, and hear this heartfelt message.  We recognize your daily sacrifices.  All across America, supportive civilians in churches, synagogues, on native sacred ground, mosques, and even facebook, caring folks are praying for you and your loved ones.

Until peace prevails on Earth, the true spirit of the season includes acknowledging those who could not come home for the holidays, but remained on duty for our safety.  THANK YOU FOR OUR FREEDOM.


For more information on how you can adopt a soldier:  http://adoptaussoldier.org/




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