Gloria’s Hope Cancer Fundraiser

GLORIA’S HOPE CANCER FUNDRAISER is Saturday, December 10, 2016


Gloria & Family, Tabby, Landon, Lawson, Aubrey and Wesley

On Saturday, December 10, 2016 at the Buffalo Rose in Golden, CO, come support Veteran Gloria Clough who is battling cancer for the third time.  Gloria’s Hope is a fundraiser to aid this remarkable woman with her mounting cancer medical bills.

Musical guests include headliner band: The Tah Tahs, plus:   Broken Timeline, Trouble Bound, Pyrokittens, and Orphan Sun.


Who is Gloria Clough and why are folks lining up to help create Gloria’s Hope?  Gloria served her country in the Army.  (1992-1996, MOS 16X, Air Defense Artillery).  Wanting to support her brothers and sisters in arms, while battling cancer with chemotherapy and radiation in 2012, Gloria became the Colorado Coordinator for the National Armed Forces FreedomRide (NAFFR).  Her goal for transparency with the funds she was collecting for veterans led her to create a new organization.  In 2013 she founded Colorado Volunteer Support Services, Inc.  In the last 3 years under her direction, these organizations have raised over $25,000 to help fund other Veteran nonprofits.


Gloria with Dad, Arnie

Gloria sets high standards for herself.  Her love for life, family,  motorcycle, and military community inspires all of us.  Gloria’s son Wesley sums up his Mom’s motto, “Mom always tell me to thrive for better no matter what.  To keep pushing yourself.”

Fund Raising Team Member and friend Dawn Medford:  “I first met Gloria in 2013 when she was planning her first National Armed Forces FreedomRide.  I was volunteering for one of the two charities for that ride.  I instantly felt a connection with Gloria, and have been volunteering since.  I respect, admire, and adore Gloria because of the strong, caring, giving, loving, loyal, and extremely feisty woman she is!  I just love Gloria to pieces!”


Army Veterans Gloria Clough & Dawn Medford organizing for National Armed Forces FreedomRide 2016

Friend Greg Boyle had this to say: “Gloria has been a friend of mine since her father Arnie introduced me to her. I had the honor to be asked at Arnies passing to do tribal drumming for him while he passed from cancer. This was when I got to know Gloria.  She has such a deep connection to her family and children.  It is uncommon in this day and age to see this deep connection.

Over the past several years, I have assisted her in raising funds for veterans and have been honored to be asked back every year to assist in the effort.

In short, I am very blessed to be considered a friend and honored to be part of her fundraising team in her time of need.”


 Gloria & Greg Boyle (playing on stage)
Gloria finally taking a break at the 2015 FreedomRide
Unfortunately, too many of us have lost loved ones to cancer!  Experiencing  hopeless feelings while witnessing the suffering that accompanies this disease is heartbreaking.  Gloria’s Hope Cancer Fundraiser is an opportunity to bring optimism to this desperate situation.  Gloria’s experimental drugs are not covered by insurance.   Medical bills are mounting.  Funding is needed to pay for the drugs for her survival.
Please join us for a night of community, music, silent auctions and HOPE FOR GLORIA!  Tickets:  $20 per ticket and available at all King Soopers in the Metro Area.  Tickets can also be purchased at the following link:!M:KDEN16:KBFR1210:&linkID=m-twmt&fromDesktop=1
 Please help this remarkable Veteran, Mother, Grandmother and Friend who has inspired so many! Hope to see you there.
Mark your calendar:  2017 National Armed Forces FreedomRide  (NAFFR) is May 20, 2017.  

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