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Rocky Mountain Honor Flight Takes Off


Do you appreciate old-fashioned notions including honor and character?  Our WWII American veterans may not have realized their values and love of country would help shape the lives of future generations.  However, their contributions were crucial in overcoming injustice and tyranny.  Their efforts established our freedom and democracy.

Fortunately, some of these veterans who have been called, “the greatest generation ever,” are still with us.  Rocky Mountain Honor Flight continues to raise the finances to send these cherished Americans to Washington DC, to view the National WWII Memorial at no expense to the veterans. Continue reading Rocky Mountain Honor Flight Takes Off

Luis Montalvan & Dog Tuesday Visit CO

0415161746~3Former Captain Luis Carlos Montalvan and his dog Tuesday visited Colorado for a special reading from his book, Tuesday Tucks Me In.  This book signing event was created for children 10 and under who have a veteran in their life.  The first fifty military families who attended were welcomed with a free book by author, Luis Montalvan. Continue reading Luis Montalvan & Dog Tuesday Visit CO

Veteran Advocate: Judy Atencio


Veteran Advocate Judy A. Atencio

Judy Atencio has been an active veteran advocate for 20 years.  She works tirelessly caring for veterans.   Whether the issue is agent orange, the elderly, disabled or homeless, if a veteran is in need, Judy is attempting to solve the problem.  If you are attending a veteran meeting, fund-raiser or program in the West Metro area, chances are Judy helped coordinate and organize the event.  If you look around the room, she is probably present and taking notes.  She is everywhere!  Judy Atencio is the epitome of the philosophy:  “It’s not what you say… it’s what you do.”  She is amazing.  Unfortunately for the Denver Metro area, Judy and her husband Ed are retiring and moving to Montrose in August. Continue reading Veteran Advocate: Judy Atencio

VALCO & Jeffery Johnson


VALCO’s Jeffery Johnson

Leading with kindness and compassion sums up Jeffery Johnson’s goal as the Executive Director of Veterans Assistance League of Colorado (VALCO).   His hands-on approach comes from his heart, not just with veterans and their challenges, but with others in the VALCO organization. Continue reading VALCO & Jeffery Johnson

Red Shirt Fridays

Red Shirt Fridays

Red Shirt Fridays is not a new idea, but it’s a good one.  Vietnam Veteran Doc Hofmeister is asking us to honor our troops by wearing a red shirt on Fridays.   It is a simple way to acknowledge our military community from state to state.  You do not necessarily need to buy a special shirt to show your support.  You can participate in Red Shirt Fridays by wearing an existing red shirt from your closet. Continue reading Red Shirt Fridays

Home for the Holidays

19997~2My wish and prayer for this time of year, is to bring our service members home for the holidays.  Although I do not have that power, I can express what is in the hearts of so many.  We appreciate you and your families sacrifice by remaining at your post, for our safety.

Continue reading Home for the Holidays

Lt. Thomas Norris & PGR

Lt. Thomas Norris

DSC_0052Recently, Lt. Thomas Norris, Medal of Honor recipient passed through Denver International Airport with his family.  He was honored with well wishers including civilians, the military community, and the Patriot Guard Riders.  The following information is from the Patriot Guard Riders website.

Continue reading Lt. Thomas Norris & PGR

RMHF Holiday Gathering


December 4, 2015:  On this beautiful Colorado day, RMHF holiday gathering luncheon was held to welcome and honor once again, all of the Veterans who journeyed to Washington, DC in 2015.  Many new and old friends joined together for music, food, and conversation, including sharing the memories created on their scheduled trips.  When attending a Rocky Mountain Honor Flight event, there is a community that is created between Veterans, family members, RMHF volunteers, and other’s who participate.  It is a privilege to dialogue with the generation that molded a nation.

1204151050~2Mr. Sonny Coleman, a WWII Navy Veteran,  grew up in Denver and attended South High School.  When asked why he choose the Navy, he said his best friend, Dick Gomez was going into the Navy.  Mr. Gomez joined when his brother was killed in Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941 aboard the USS Arizona.  They joined together in hopes of maintaining their friendship while traveling overseas.  Sonny Coleman said he thoroughly enjoyed his trip with RMHF, and was glad he was able to attend. Continue reading RMHF Holiday Gathering

Santa Breakfast @VFW Post 3944


Santa Breakfast @VFW Post 3944 Overland-St. Ann, Missouri, 10815 Midland Blvd.  Look for the helicopter in front.  (314)427-0391.  Rick Crabtree is spreading the news.   “Our VFW post is hosting a Breakfast with Santa for children and grand children of Veterans in our area.  This year it will be held on Saturday, December 19, 2015 @ 9am.  We will need a list of children’s names and ages so gifts given by Santa are appropriate and personal, no later than December 12, 2015.   If your children qualify and are interested in this event, please  contact me and I will be happy to provide the information.   My phone number is (314)427-6191.  Looking forward to seeing you there.” Continue reading Santa Breakfast @VFW Post 3944

Pray For Our Service Members

Pray For Our Service Members

Love this image - Remember the service members in your bed time prayers tonight - Army, Prayer, Heroes, Air Force, Military Life, Troops

All across America, family and friends are gathering together for Thanksgiving, with cinnamon, pumpkin, and turkey, we feast.  A holiday that is beautiful, bountiful and rich in flavors that can transport us to decades of memories.   It is a special day of gratitude and we give thanks for our good. Continue reading Pray For Our Service Members