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VALCO & Jeffery Johnson


VALCO’s Jeffery Johnson

Leading with kindness and compassion sums up Jeffery Johnson’s goal as the Executive Director of Veterans Assistance League of Colorado (VALCO).   His hands-on approach comes from his heart, not just with veterans and their challenges, but with others in the VALCO organization. Continue reading VALCO & Jeffery Johnson

Project 22 Colorado Showing

Project 22 Colorado Showing

Tugg - Project 22 in Huntsville, AL on Tuesday, December 15, 7:30PM

Project 22

Promoted by Star Spangled Boomerang

Monday, February 22 6:30PM – 8:17PM

at Century 16 Bel Mar and XD
440 S Teller St., Lakewood, CO, US, 80226 (map)
$9.00 General.  Purchase tickets:

Continue reading Project 22 Colorado Showing

Red Shirt Fridays

Red Shirt Fridays

Red Shirt Fridays is not a new idea, but it’s a good one.  Vietnam Veteran Doc Hofmeister is asking us to honor our troops by wearing a red shirt on Fridays.   It is a simple way to acknowledge our military community from state to state.  You do not necessarily need to buy a special shirt to show your support.  You can participate in Red Shirt Fridays by wearing an existing red shirt from your closet. Continue reading Red Shirt Fridays

Project 22 Documentary on Suicide

Project 22 Documentary on Suicide:  The Holiday Season is in full swing across America.  It can be the best of times.  It can be the worst of times. The worst of times can develop into thoughts of taking one’s own life.

Suicide.  It is an important issue that deserves recognition, especially in the mist of holiday music claiming,  “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.”  Many face the thought of self destruction.  Being part of the U.S. Armed Forces, both past and present, can add to the depression, especially this time of year.  Suicide deaths in our military community, outnumber combat deaths.   Some sources claim twenty-two military service members take their own lives per day, while other research insists the number is higher when homeless Veteran’s suicide is included.  Regardless of the actual number, it is heart breaking.

While searching for information on Suicide Apps for mobile phones for our Veterans and Service Members, I discovered this important article that Rebecca Croomes wrote for, The News Courier, regarding, Project 22 documentary on suicide.   If this documentary is successfully presented in Huntsville, Alabama, and other states, our support can bring it nationwide.  It is one way to stand up for, and demonstrate concern for our military community.  I am re-posting this article for this reason. Continue reading Project 22 Documentary on Suicide

Santa Breakfast @VFW Post 3944


Santa Breakfast @VFW Post 3944 Overland-St. Ann, Missouri, 10815 Midland Blvd.  Look for the helicopter in front.  (314)427-0391.  Rick Crabtree is spreading the news.   “Our VFW post is hosting a Breakfast with Santa for children and grand children of Veterans in our area.  This year it will be held on Saturday, December 19, 2015 @ 9am.  We will need a list of children’s names and ages so gifts given by Santa are appropriate and personal, no later than December 12, 2015.   If your children qualify and are interested in this event, please  contact me and I will be happy to provide the information.   My phone number is (314)427-6191.  Looking forward to seeing you there.” Continue reading Santa Breakfast @VFW Post 3944

Pray For Our Service Members

Pray For Our Service Members

Love this image - Remember the service members in your bed time prayers tonight - Army, Prayer, Heroes, Air Force, Military Life, Troops

All across America, family and friends are gathering together for Thanksgiving, with cinnamon, pumpkin, and turkey, we feast.  A holiday that is beautiful, bountiful and rich in flavors that can transport us to decades of memories.   It is a special day of gratitude and we give thanks for our good. Continue reading Pray For Our Service Members

Shine for Military Children

Shine For Military Children

16573Whether our hearts long for a Norman Rockwell, Chef Marcus Samuelsson or Chef Wilo Benet inspired joyful celebration, tables all across America will have empty chairs this holiday season.

Many of our active military service men and woman will be missing.  Their jobs, ensuring our freedom around the globe, takes precedence over celebrating with loved ones.

Regardless of your cultural heritage, family and friends are the touchstone that create the memories we cherish, especially for our children.  Military sons and daughters are not only uprooted from one state to another, changing schools, friends and activities, they must deal with the absence of their mother or father.

A challenging task for these dear ones, especially so during the holidays.  “We wait. We hope. We pray.  Until you’re home again.” Continue reading Shine for Military Children

YMCA Camp for Military Children

YMCA Camp for Military Children

Sometimes a child’s best summer memories are camp memories.  Whether they were enrolled in day camp or several days grouped together, songs were sung, and new friendships could blossom. If you grew up in the city, camp may have been the only time to really experience the great outdoors, including sleeping under the stars.  AWESOME!

The YMCA camp for military children with a deployed parent fills up quickly.   Information from the YMCA website.


Continue reading YMCA Camp for Military Children

Team RWB Provides Camaraderie

Team RWB provides camaraderie for the Thanksgiving holiday at; Call To Arms Brewing Company.  The following information is from their website:


Spend Thanksgiving with your fellow Eagles:

Call to Arms Brewery has graciously extended an amazing Thanksgiving invite to Team RWB Veterans who do not have have a place to spend the holiday. Continue reading Team RWB Provides Camaraderie

Shop with AmazonSmile

Tis the season for holiday shopping.  More people are turning to the internet, using their computers to shop on-line.  If you are one of those buyers getting ready for the holidays, please consider using AmazonSmile.  It is an easy way for a consumer to contribute to two organizations that help our Veterans, at no additional cost.  Both Pets For Vets-Denver,  and Rocky Mountain Honor Flight can benefit with AmazonSmile.  Your purchase can make a difference.

In case you are not familiar with these two worthy organizations, here are the descriptions from their websites: Continue reading Shop with AmazonSmile