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Volunteers of America-Veterans Service Center & Ian Fletcher

  1247 Santa Fe, Denver, CO


There is an innovative project in the works for a Veteran Service Center slated to open in April of this year.  Volunteers of America- Colorado is utilizing an existing building to create a stepping-stone for veterans who are acclimating to life back home.  VOA- Colorado’s vision is to design a central convening point for the Veteran Community, and  provide space for a variety of services and organizations.   Organizations that can offer tools and direction in order to assist with some of the daily challenges returning Veterans encounter. Continue reading Volunteers of America-Veterans Service Center & Ian Fletcher

Adopt A US Soldier Celebrates 10 Years -Ann Johnson, Founder

Adopt A U.S. Soldier 

Ten Years and still going strong.  This organization is a true testament of one mother’s love for her son Paul,  who made the commitment  to serve his country.   Her grass roots movement, along with other determined volunteers wanting to make a difference, ignited the idea which formed this global organization.  Currently, their website averages 5.7 hits per second!  Ann was the 9 News Cares winner in April of 2009.   I had the pleasure to meet with her this week.  I found her to be genuine and fun.  Being the sweetheart that she is, she brought me a loaf of her homemade pizza bread, and her famous cinnamon rolls!  Yum! Continue reading Adopt A US Soldier Celebrates 10 Years -Ann Johnson, Founder

RMHF & Mary Haddon


Stephen R. Brown Photo

Mary, son Mike, and Tom Olsen (Stephen Brown Photography)

In 1941, over eighty percent of Americans owned a radio and were listening to the sounds of Glen Miller, the Andrew Sisters, Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra.  A gallon of gasoline cost twelve cents, and for ten cents you could own Rita Hayworth on the cover of Life Magazine.

On December 7th of that same year, President Franklin D. Roosevelt called Americans to war after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, killing more than 2400 servicemen.  America answered that call. Continue reading RMHF & Mary Haddon

Never Again-Now is the Time to Take Action and Raise Awareness


Marine Corporal, Terry L. Bevins

Angela Olthoff, volunteer for American Foundation for Suicide Prevention,  ( in her own words…

I will never forget that day, a day that was suppose to be like any other Saturday while attending my grad school class.  Nate was still away on a trip and it was just Rudy, my 7 lb. Shih Tzu and I lying in bed.  The alarm began to buzz and I hit the snooze button as many times as I could before I knew I would be late for class.  I finally hit the alarm  one more time, and told the Little Man it was time for me to get up.  Rudy looked so cozy which sent an urge of regret throughout my body.  I too wished I could stay in bed and sleep the morning away! Continue reading Never Again-Now is the Time to Take Action and Raise Awareness

TAPS Tragedy Assistance Program For Survivors


NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS, 1777 F St. NW, Suite 600, Washington, DC  20006.  (800)959-TAPS(8277).  This HELP LINE is available 24/7.

After the loss of her husband, Bonnie Carroll founded a Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, calling it TAPS in 1994.  She spent two years researching bereavement counseling before forming this not-for-profit organization.  Her peer-based support group TAPS is the result of her study. The care that this incredible organization offers for the families of our fallen heroes is impressive.  Continue reading TAPS Tragedy Assistance Program For Survivors

NYC Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza

 55 Water Street, New York, NY  10041

1030140910g (2)                        Right side of photo: Glass Block Memorial Wall

Last week when I was in New York, I visited The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza.  I had no idea how powerful that morning would be.

While walking around the site, I was caught up in the solemn and respectful experience this 90,000 square foot plaza stands for.  I was moved by what Mayor Koch and others were hoping to express in May 1985, on the tenth anniversary after the conclusion of the Vietnam era.  A dedication and parade were planned to officially  welcome home Vietnam Veterans.  Veterans who had not, in my opinion, received a positive reception.  At least that is not how I remember it.  Continue reading NYC Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza

New VA Outpatient Clinic in Colorado Springs


   Colorado Springs VA Outpatient Clinic

3141 Centennial Blvd., Colorado Springs 80907

I am happy to report a recent addition has been added to benefit our veteran population!  A brand new VA Outpatient clinic in Colorado Springs has opened for their community-based patients .  After walking through this beautiful space and speaking with some of the volunteers manning the front desk, it was apparent they were proud to be part of this contemporary facility. Continue reading New VA Outpatient Clinic in Colorado Springs