9/11 Memorial Museum


1027140756d       October 27,  2014

180 Greenwich Street,  New York, NY 10006

Last week, I had the honor to visit the new 9/11 Memorial Museum in New York.

In my age group, people used to ask, ” where were you when President John Kennedy was shot?”  Now the questions are regarding September 11, 2001.

In all honesty, I was nervous about reliving those heart wrenching days.  Years ago I lived in New York City, and maybe because of that experience I felt I had a heightened sense of anger and outrage.   I was uncertain how the museum could honor and portray such a cold-blooded attack.

After two hours of observing personal, honest, and intimate details from family members of victims, 9/11 survivors, government officials, historians, and  journalists, and hearing the charged emotions in their voices, I felt emotionally drained.  I was reminded that many different nationalities were involved in the causalities. The intense heat from the explosions are demonstrated by bent beams of displayed steel and other exhibitions. The posters portraying the frantic search for loved ones is heartbreaking.  The reality of those frightful events echoes throughout the museum, as it should.

Yes, I felt drained.  But also impressed and inspired by the spirited  accounts of the heroes of the day.   Proud of the courageous men and woman who put on their Fire and Police Department uniforms on that date and all the months that followed.  They persevered in horrific circumstances giving their all, and in many cases, their lives.

Witnessing the aftermath of 9/11 displayed throughout the museum is powerful to say the least.  Having a venue for family and friends of victims to mourn and remember may bring healing and peace.  For this, and the historical preservation represented of that day, I am grateful.  We now have a living testament that documents the lives that were lost, and the heroes who have worked to preserve those victims and their memories.

God Bless our United States of America.




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November 30, 2014 (Added to post)

Ok.   Budweiser just announced it will no longer use the Clydesdale’s in their commercials.  Although beer is not my beverage of choice, discontinuing using the Clydesdales?  AWWWWWWW! Upsetting! Since this u-tube video was created due to the 9/11 tragedy , let’s take another look.

Uploaded on U-Tube, September 12, 2007.   Respect:  Budweiser Clydesdale Salute to 9/11.



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