6th West Metro Veterans Fair

6th West Metro Veterans Fair in Lakewood, Colorado

WWII Veteran Maurice L. Howland

The 6th West Metro Veterans Fair, once again, provided our veterans with a one stop information and services available to veterans.  WWII Veteran Maurice L. Howland, who attended the fair, will be 95 this January.  Since the 6th West Metro Veterans Fair is focused on our veterans well-being and health, the face of Mr. Howland and all of our veterans are important reminders why this non-profit informational fair is so significant .  With the information and help for our veterans and their families found at this event, the intention is for all of our veterans to celebrate their 95th birthday, and beyond.

Many organizations, and volunteers from our veteran and civilian communities work together to accomplish this goal.  Following are just a few of the forty six exhibitors who participated in the 6th West Metro Veterans Fair.


Liver Health Connection’s mission is to promote liver health, provide education and to support and advocate on behalf of those affected by liver diseases.  For veterans, that means we provide free testing for the hepatitis C virus and then discuss all aspects of the disease so that any patient who tests positive may be cured.  We can discuss private or public insurance plans, enroll someone for Medicaid (if they don’t want or aren’t eligible for VA benefits), describe treatments and side effects and find financial resources for treatment and diagnostic testing.  The VA has made a commitment to treat all veterans with the hepatitis C virus and we want to help them make it a reality.  800-522-4372  www.liverhealthconnection.org

Rica Rodriguez with Liver Health Connection, Stan Paprocki President of VV of America #1071


Vietnam Veterans of America #1071:  Terry Ritenour, Jose Gonzales, and Jim Topkoff


Vietnam Veterans of America is a non-profit organization started in 1978 dedicated to Vietnam-era veterans and their families. VVA is congressionally chartered with the goals to promote and support the full range of issues important to Vietnam veterans, to create a new identity for this generation of veterans and to change public perception of Vietnam veterans.  Specifically, our chapter will seek to assist veterans who are disabled or are in need of assistance, as well as to provide help for their families.  “Never again shall one generation of veterans abandon another.”  303-870-2428  www.vva1071.org

Lakewood City Council Member Veteran Pete Roybal smiling while RN Linda Cook Easterly from Rocky Mountain Regional Medical Center administers his free flu shot.


At Horan & McConaty, we have been serving veterans in our community for over 100 years.  Our Veterans Memorial Programs is entirely dedicated to helping those that have served our nation secure veteran and dependent benefits, social security benefits, burial benefits and full military honors to celebrate life legacies and final wishes.  We hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence and are honored to serve those that have served our nation.  303-577-6008    www.horancares.com

Veteran Scott Hefty, Chairman Priorem with Candidate Christine Jensen

Veteran Scott Hefty, the Veteran Fairs Chairman Priorem:

“Retired United States Air Force Veteran Cory Peterson who volunteered and assumed the role as co-chairperson for the 2018 West Metro Veterans Fair and along with Diane Peet, both City of Lakewood employees, wanted to express their thanks to all who participated and attended the Sixth Annual West Metro Veterans Fair.  Here are a couple of numbers from this event; forty-nine exhibitors participated in the fair with a total of 248 veterans and vendors signing-in along with a number of attendee’s coming through without signing-in. If it’s any indication as to how popular this event has become, I’m told we served well over 500 hamburgers and 80 hotdogs! Additionally, the Department of Veterans Affairs Eastern Health Care System provided 39 free flu shots while Liver Heath Connection conducted a number of no cost hepatitis C tests and Inner City Health completed a number of free health assessments. We’ve received very positive feedback from a number of non-profits and fair attendees – as well as a couple of suggestions to improve on for next year’s event.

A special thanks to the Lakewood Elks Club for again hosting the WMVF and especially to Venita Collier who put in many, many hours ensuring the facility was ready, food was ordered and prepared, the venue was cleaned afterward and for all of the hundred other small details which must be arranged to successfully hold such an event as ours.

And lastly, we on the planning committee know how valuable one’s time is and it’s nearly impossible to tell the non-profits who participated how much we appreciate the work they do on behalf of our veterans before, during and after this event. We truly appreciate their dedication and effort. Again, this endeavor would not have been such a success without everyone’s involvement and we are so thankful and appreciative for the time all took out of their schedules to either attend or participate in the fair. We hope to see everyone again next year at the Seventh Annual 2019 West Metro Veterans Fair!”

Colorado Elk of the year and honorary Sergeant Major of the Fair, Venita Collier, and Planning Chairman Veteran Cory Peterson

Planning Chairman Veteran Cory Peterson:  “The West Metro Veterans Fair is a wonderful opportunity to not only connect our Veteran population with non-profit service providers but also to facilitate an interaction between those providers so, as a group, we can better understand both the needs and gaps that exist in the community.  We are also keenly aware, having completed six events, that this fair has become one which our Veterans anticipate throughout the year and come armed with questions and challenges they look to the providers to help with, this is in line with the planning committee’s goals.  I am really honored to act as chairman for this important event.”

Serving from the Grill, Volunteers Juan Bonilla and Shane Littleton 

Every year, the outside patio provides a wonderful space to enjoy the free lunch and catch up with old friends.

Veteran Lee White, President of VV of America Chapter #1106 and Veteran Cliff Fajfar, VV of America Chapter #1071

Chaplain Veteran John Altfeltis, VVA#1071

In closing, Chaplain John Altfeltis, who said an opening prayer at the 6th West Metro Veteran Fair, wanted to reiterate the Vietnam Veterans of America motto.  “Never again shall one generation of veterans abandon another.”

This annual veterans fair is an excellent example of veterans and their community working together to reinforce that sentiment.

THANK YOU TO ALL who made this event possible!











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  1. Thank you to everyone who either attended or participated in the 2018 West Metro Veterans Fair and we are looking forward to the 7th WMVF in 2019!

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